• Raúl I. Lima


    Herzliche Einladung zur Ausstellung von Raúl I. Lima in der Raumstation. Am 31.8.23 ab 17 Uhr öffnen die Türen der Raumstation. Es gibt Kunst und Getränke!
    Wir freuen uns auf euch!

    *english version*
    You are invited to the exhibition by Raúl I. Lima at the Raumstation. On 31.8.23 from 5 PM onwards, the doors of Raumstation will be open.
    There will be art and drinks!
    We’re looking forward to seeing you!

    raúl i. lima came to the raumstation with the idea of setting up an artwork capable of embedding its surroundings into its very own materiality, however and mainly due to the given weather and fauna circumstances he ended up making a work that incorporates another more ubiquitous immediacy: „a cube for stuttgart (reading practice)“ is a prominent display of the things the artist read and engaged with during his residency at the raumstation.
    the formal choice of this object is a wink to the institutions that shape stuttgart’s and baden-württemberg’s art-related venues.
    its surface is conceptual and thinking allegiances entangled with little everyday details, and lastly, its content (what is within the shape), some secrets the artist carries around.

    Fotos: Gwendolin Stisser